What I do

I'm an experienced animator with skills in character animation, motion graphics and animation for UI / interactivity and video. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite including After Effects, Animate with some experience of Maya & 3D Studio Max.


In my time since Burke & Best closed down I have taken on multiple freelance projects varying from graphic design, page layout and photo editing for brands such as Vegetarian Express to logo design for FIA affiliated motorsport drivers and brands.

Burke & Best

Lead Animator July 2018 to June 2019

As the lead animator I'm responsible for creating the games animated content both for the purposes of narrative as well as the gacha and monetisation mechanics. My role includes working with various art styles, working closely with the art team  to produce character animations, storyboards, animatics, backgrounds and UI elements. Working closely with the Designer and Creative Director the UI included designs for the games title screen, the in game hub world (the mansion), as well as the multiplayer mode including layouts, icons, buttons, transitions and sprite sheets. This also involved working closely with the development team to ensure files were optimised for minimum memory overhead.

During my time with Burke & Best I took on assistant producer duties, managing production around a core piece of game content. Able to estimate and manage tasks against a timeline, delivering work to a high standard and head of schedule.


After Effects. Flash. Stop Motion.
Contact me for my iPhone/Android game animations


Illustrations. Graphic Designs. Livery Designs. Photoshop

Motion Graphics

How to reach me

Logos. Social Media Marketing. YouTube Videos. Explainer Videos
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