With a Bachelors of Art in Computer Generated Art & Animation and over a decade of experience I have worked on a wide range of projects. Clients have ranged from small start ups all the way up to Amazon Web Services. The platforms these projects have been on range from the client's own website, to YouTube, Facebook, and mobile games. I enjoy working in a wide range of styles and am also able to adapt to a clients already established style.

Client: Premier Stores

Platform: Facebook

Category: Social Media Marketing

Client: Adult Swim

Platform: iOS/Android Game

Category: Game Animation

Client: Ecozone

Platform: YouTube, Website

Category: Explainer



Motion Graphics

I also create motion graphics for use in logos, branding and marketing. This has included graphics overlaid onto video to help communicate a message to the viewer as well as on screen graphics for Twitch streamers.

Client: Nivea

Platform: Facebook

Category: Social Media Marketing

Client: Fullers Brewery

Platform: Youtube

Category: Video

Client: Bestway

Platform: Facebook/App

Category: Explainer/Demo


Illustration & Graphics

Illustration and creating clean bold graphics are two forms of media I'm extremely passionate about. Being able to sit either at the PC or on the iPad Pro and just draw, create and bring ideas to life quickly is something I love for it's immediacy and ability to be mounted and framed on the wall. My work is available on my two Etsy Stores, for LGBT related work and I will soon open a new Etsy store especially for my motorsport work. I am also open to commissions so please feel free to contact me via the form at the footer of this page.

YouTube & ESports 

Untitled_Artwork (2).png

Away from design, I am a keen sim racer and participate in events on behalf of Team Fordzilla, the eSports division of Ford Motor Company. I am also the eSports ambassador for the LGBT group; Racing Pride as well as being featured on BBC News regarding my eSports successes.

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How to reach me

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